Low-resolution dreams

di Andrea Cacciavillani


Con ironia, e non solo, l’autore ci rende spettatori delle vicende di un uomo dei ns giorni che ha tutto intorno a se, ma al tempo stesso nulla. Quello che davvero conta, affetti e… riemergono dalle sabbie della depressione e si accendono nel modo più stupefacente.



In our virtual and digital civilization we can open a thousand doors before us with just a click, and everything seems simple and instantaneous, but in reality there are some people who are or feel alone: like Tulio, the protagonist.
For him it’s not easy to reveal his inner dimension, talking about his troubles. The nightmare that emerges in a recurring dream and his father’s death, which took place under special circumstances twenty years before, have stolen away his enthusiasm and the liveliness typical of early youth. They dragged him straight into the grey world of adults, in the embrace of the slimy quicksand of melancholy and anxiety of our times.



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