The Mirror of Leonardo

di Ivano Mugnaini


Non fu un’invenzione a cambiargli la vita, non fu una scoperta. In un pomeriggio piovoso del marzo 1498, fu per un gioco della sorte che il grande Maestro Leonardo da Vinci si ritrovò di fronte allo specchio di se stesso



It was not an invention to change his life, nor a discovery.In a rainy afternoon in March 1498, for a game of the Fate, the great master Leonardo da Vinci met the mirror of himself: a replica of his image, the last chance to get rid of the masks of lie and run away from a life consumed only in the research of truth, relishing at last the taste of real life, love and bestiality, instinct and madness.Mugnainitakes the most famous among the protagonists of Renaissance culture, a multifaceted genius, painter, sculptor, inventor of machines that would have changed the history of mankind, and digs deep, beyond the surface of his reputation and of his universally recognized fame. He explores the ulterior motives, the unfulfilled longing for knowledge, secret passions, dreams of escape, shadows and lights that only a mirror can catch and cherish. But a mirror reflects the image and transforms it, changing it in a confused and shattered reality. Truth remains an ultimate mystery that resolves itself, perhaps, in the act of not understanding.



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